Guided Stretching

We all know how important it is to stretch, but if we're being honest with ourselves, none of us probably do it enough.  We've asked some amazing people to help us create a mindful experiences where we stretch and loosen the body, relieving tension, pain, and soreness associated with tight muscles and tissue.  Whether it be a pre-float stretch to really maximize your time in the pool or a standalone stretching session, your body will thank you.  Learn more about our new stretching programs and instructors below.

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Mike Weaver 

Flexible Fridays: Stretching & Foam Rolling

Come join us for a 45-minute stretch and myofascial release session prior to your float experience. We will start at the feet and work our way up the body, spending about half of our time together focusing on the shoulders and neck. 

Foam rolling as a daily routine has been shown to loosen muscles, increase flexibility, prevent injury, increase blood circulation, and help the exchange of nutrients throughout the body. During the pre-float session we will use the pressure of our own body weight on a foam roller to help massage and relax our muscles, allowing for a smooth transition into letting go of all tension in the tank. 

Learning to balance and use your body to roll out the tightest of areas can be a fun challenge, sometimes slightly painful, but always rewarding. We are going to focus on breathing throughout the session, sending our breath to the focused areas. 

I personally have been using foam rollers for years, first thing in the morning, before and after workouts, and around bedtime. It helps me loosen up and get my day going, and is a nice massage after a long day. 

I encourage working any roll technique or stretch we use into your day! 

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor at Max Fitness

Continuing Studies: Wellness Coaching

Francesca Zampaglione

Presenting Stretch  

A guided visionary meditation with select flexibility positions to explore the depths of your mind and body to create harmony. 

Stretch will be presented Sunday Evenings from 6:00-8:00pm.  Guests will participate in practices designed to heal negative self image, release painful and traumatic events, and use the power of the group to work on the setting and achieving of personal goals.  Coupled with the mental stretch and release will come a physical one as Francesca guides you through stretches designed to empower and relieve.