Guided Meditations for Floating

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Sometimes its Hard To Quiet The Mind.....

Floating in our sensory deprivation pools helps many people learn quite a bit about their mind, what it means to relax, and how to let go.  Sometimes this takes practice.  A racing or wandering mind is not something that just 'happens', but is the result of a lifetime of not understanding that it is possible, with practice, to experience less anxiety, less worry, more presence, and greater calm & confidence. 

While the floating pool or sensory deprivation tank provides an ideal environment to safely explore and let go of the mind, sometimes, how to get 'there' isn't perfectly intuitive, especially not on the first try. 

We're very pleased to host this page, which has links to some of our favorite guided meditations.  We hope that you get a chance to listen to a few of them and maybe you'll find one that's right for you!  These meditations will be made available for you to listen to in our flotation pools, helping you to maximize your floating time if you're used to a restless mind....