Becca's Experience: Post #2

Here is another update from Becca, who is floating for at least an hour once a day for 30 days. It is now day 9!

- Overall, I am VERY relaxed. Still no symptoms of Panic Disorder, Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder, and finally NO symptoms of General Anxiety Disorder. 
- I have noticed I am becoming the “observer of my thoughts & emotions” more so and more consistently than any other point in my life. 
- However, it seems that there is not much mental chatter in my brain anymore. I fall into a deep meditation EXTREMELY easily & quickly now compared to before. Plus, I am now comfortable with this. Towards the beginning, I would be thinking of when or when not to get out, but now I feel like I can stay content in there forever. 
- There is a greater appreciation for the “big picture” of life. Everything is relating to it for me. This is causing me to appreciate very little things, as well as not let little things bother me (like traffic). 
- I am not only falling asleep still very easily with amazing deep sleeps, but I am also noticing that I now fall asleep on my back. (My whole life, I have had to sleep on my side to fall asleep. Apparently it is healthier to lie on your back.)
- I still feel physically in my best shape with no muscle soreness/tightness. Also, my shoulders and neck no longer tense up throughout the day - they stay relaxed consistently. 
- My caffeine consumption is getting even lower. (If I have even just one cup of coffee, now I normally do not finish it.)
- I do not feel hungry as often, and I find myself craving water and fruit a lot more.

Thank you so much for following this journey with me! I will keep you updated!