Jamie's Experience: Post #2

Post written my Jamie. She will be sharing her experience as a Float SNJ guest and the process of her healing.

I had my first float on Friday, March 2nd.  It was a great experience!  Kind of surreal feeling, and very beneficial physically and mentally.  While in the float, my headache and eye pain went away. The only time I noticed a headache was when I would catch myself thinking about other things besides focusing on my breathing.  In those moments the headache was start to come back (probably because my brain was trying to process information again), but once I stopped myself and got back to focusing on my breathing and relaxing, then it would go away.  Following the float, I was very relaxed, physically and mentally. Most of Friday evening, especially after driving home or doing something requiring mental energy or focus, I could sense the headache and pain was there, but it was much less than it usually had been.  I think the float on Friday, being off work for three days, my chiropractor adjustment Thursday night beforehand, and spending most of the weekend at home resting all set me up for a good few days.

I am so glad that I did not have to do much driving over the weekend and was not at work under the fluorescent lights for hours at a time for those 3 days. While I was not completely pain free all weekend, it was much better than it had been.  It was probably my best couple of days in the whole last 3 weeks since the accident. I was able to do some of my graduate school work while resting on Saturday and got caught up on some that I was behind in. Sunday, I went to church and grocery shopping.  Between the driving, noise, and visual stimulus, my head and eyes started to hurt again. Not as bad as before, but more than it had over the rest of the weekend. Yesterday (Monday) was very challenging again for me, as is today (Tuesday) so far. I really attribute that to having the hour-long drive into work and home and sitting 8-9 hours under the fluorescent lights with additional visual and auditory input than I had over the calmer more relaxed weekend.