Jamie's Story & Introduction: Post #1

Post written my Jamie. She will be sharing her experience as a Float SNJ guest and the process of her healing. This is her first introductory piece. 

I had a car accident on 2/9/18 where I suffered whiplash injuries as well as a concussion.  Since the accident, I have been seeing Dr. Devon Coughlin with Revolution Chiropractic Health Center three times per week.  He suggested a few days ago that I check into sensory deprivation flotation therapy, and recommended I contact Float SNJ. 

As far as my concussion goes, I have been struggling with constant headaches from the time I wake up until I go to bed at night every day since the accident.  Only a handfull of times have I had a couple hours without a headache or a lessened headache, then it returns with the same intensity. I have had light sensitivity to the point that I have been wearing sunglasses most of the day (even inside at my work) except for in the evenings at home where I keep the apartment lights dimmed.  I also have had sound sensitivity, repeatedly reminding my daughter to talk quieter or turn down music/tv. I have had to step out of my church during the worship music because what is normally okay for me has been too loud for my head the last 3 weeks. Early on in the concussion I was very easily fatigued. The last few days that has gotten a bit better, though when my headache is really strong or I have just finished something that requires a lot of focus (like driving) I become easily tired.  Early on in the concussion I had a difficult time keeping my focus, taking a longer time to think and process information, often lost my train of thought, and had difficulty multi-tasking.

Thankfully that part has almost returned back to normal now with my focus only being a problem sometimes.  I have found myself easily irritable, frustrated, and emotional since the accident and concussion. That is slowly improving the last week or so.  Doing certain things also increases the headaches, especially things that require focus. Driving especially is hard on my head. I think this is because not only is my body moving and my brain having to focus and process all that it does to drive, but also all the objects around me are “moving” too perceptually.  I notice the same thing when I’m walking, though to a lesser extent than when driving.

I work as a sign language interpreter.  That has been challenging for me since the accident both with the mental processing as well as the visual aspects that have been impacted.  The mental processing part of interpreting is starting to get a little better the last few days, though the visual and headache impacts are still there.  Dr. Devon has me on light duty at work for the time being limiting my interpreting time before I need to take breaks. Also, I notice that being on computer screens, phone screen, etc intensifies the headaches.  I am also on screen restrictions right now as well to limit how long and how often I am on screens. I do notice that wearing sunglasses while working on the computer helps somewhat.

Finally, I have had to be careful how fast I move my head as the more quickly I turn the easier I am to get dizzy or have visual disturbances, plus it hurts my head.  Also, when I keep my eyes looking straight ahead and slight down in a “neutral” direction sometimes my headache will ease up. However, when I move my eyes up or to the sides then the headache gets worse.

I am eager to see how floating helps with all of these symptoms from my concussion.  I also am eager to have the floating work in conjunction with the chiropractic work that Dr. Devon is doing with my whiplash injuries (especially muscle and soft tissue injury) as well.